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Streams, Memes, and Survival Horror!

Thank you for stopping by and welcome if you joined! I’ve been streaming for about two years and mostly focus on survival horror games. I do play RPGs and other games as well but survival horror is a big focus on my streams and videos.

The purpose of this community is to have a backup since social media companies have lost their damn minds and ban/delete pages for anything. Another advantage is my videos are ad-free since Facebook and YouTube now play them regardless if I want ads or not.

So if you end up supporting me monthly, I appreciate it fully! It’s not required though. I don’t expect you to give me money for being here, I just built this community so people who love survival horror and video games can hang out!

Thank you!

Community Guidelines

The fewer rules the better but there are a few:

  1. No porn. There are sites for it, go ham.
  2. Free speech is free but please don’t drop the gamer word as I don’t want this community to get shut down.
  3. Don’t come here just to advertise your own page. I welcome other streamers but doing it without asking just makes you look like a douche.
  4. Don’t attack each other personally. Debating over games and such is fine but attacking someone personally just makes your argument lose credit.

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